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On May 6, 2004 some of the Futurliner restoration volunteers traveled to H.B. Stubbs warehouse in Warren, Michigan where the AMERICAN CROSSROADS exhibit is currently in storage. H.B. Stubbs originally built the display for GM.

    Pictured are Larry Faloon of GM, (left) and Paul Grondin of H.B. Stubbs. Behind them is the Futurliner facade of the American Crossroads display as it was when it was on display in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry for many years. It has since been moved to a warehouse where it is stored. 
    Our host at H.B. Stubbs was Paul Grondin. Paul has been with Stubbs for 33 years and has detailed knowledge of the American Crossroads display as well as its history.
    The purpose of the trip was to determine the condition of the American Crossroads exhibit and again talk to GM representatives about the possibility of reuniting this display with the Futurliner that we are restoring.

    Pictured are some of the Futurliner restoration crew which includes: Jim Baker, Mike Ball, Al Batts, Stan Bowers, Del Carpenter, Fred Carpenter, Marge Carpenter, Wayne Jackson, Don Mayton, Art Meidema, Wes Myrick, Paul Prinzing, Marty Reed, Al Scholten, Jerry Sigler and Wally Snow.

    Paul explains that H. B. Stubbs built the American Crossroads display for the first Parade of Progress that used the in Futurliners. This particular show started in February of 1941. This display was used until World War II. After the war the display was again was used starting in April of 1953 until the Parade of Progress was terminated in July of 1956.
    (We have one document that states that the American Crossroads display was built in 1932 for the 1932 World Fair in Chicago. However others refute this and state it was built specifically in 1939-40 for the 1941 Parade of Progress. The vehicle used to transport the display was the Futurliners. If anyone has documents and/or photos showing in being used prior to 1941 we would appreciate that information.)

    After the Parade of Progress was over the American Crossroads display was stored at H. B. Stubbs. At one time there was discussion by GM to destroy the display but at this point several GM people as well as Stubbs employees (including Paul Grondin) stepped in to save the display. Subsequently it was restored and then moved to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.
    Again after a long tenure at the Science and Industry Museum the display needed considerable refurbishment to keep it running. Again there was discussion to have it destroyed. Again GM and well as Stubbs (Paul Grondin and others) stepped in to stop this from happening. It was again placed into storage at Stubbs.

    For the 2001 International Auto Show in Detroit at COBO hall the American Crossroads exhibit was again repaired for this show. Software was developed and computers were employed for the electrical as well the audio portions. The firm hired to do this work rented all the equipment to Stubbs and as a result once the show was over the rented equipment went back to the electronics firm. So presently the American Crossroads exhibits is without its brains to function.
    That brings us to today. The American Crossroads exhibits sits in a warehouse. It cannot be used until it again is restored and furnished new brains. The volunteers of this historic Futurliner Restoration project are still seeking a way to sometime reunite a working American Crossroads exhibit with the Futurliner.

The back of this display is cutaway. Here you can see some of the mechanical workings.

More mechanical workings.
For more information on the American Crossroads display, follow this link.

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