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GM Futurliner Restoration Project
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There have been approximately 17 hands-on volunteers working on the project. Donated parts, monetary donations, donated restoration services and donated labor have been welcome throughout this project.


Don M. Mayton
, Project Director
4521 Majestic Vue, Zeeland, MI 49464
616 875-3058

Dean G. Tryon
, Newsletter Editor
2516 Laurelford Ln.
 Wake Forest, NC 27587
919 562-4660


    Standing, left to right: Jerry Sigler, Don Bratt, Howard Sullivan, Dick Saddler, Ryan DeVries, Ron Elzinga, Art Miedema, Fred Carpenter, Ken Bogardua, Bob Messinger, Jim Baker.
    Kneeling, left to right: Del Carpenter, Don Mayton, Conrad DeJong, Stan Bowers, John Wissink, Paul Prinzling and Marge Carpenter.
    We would also like to recognize Carol Mayton, Sue Carpenter, Dee Beimers, Lois Jackson and others who have provided much-needed food for the group.

    Standing, left to right: Connie DeJong, Del Carpenter, Dick Saddler, Fred Carpenter, Wes Myrick, Don Mayton, Howard Sullivan, Wayne Jackson, Bruce Beimers, Stan Bowers, Marty Reed & Ed DeVries..
    Seated, left to right: Al Batts, Art Miedema, Wally Snow, Bud Dinger & Jerry Sigler.
Picture was taken by Michael Ball.

We don’t want to forget the volunteers who worked remotely. We already mentioned Stu Allen in mid-Michigan and the presentation he has developed. Dean Tryon in North Carolina not only does the Futurliner News but he spent a few days here and removed the carburetor, distributor and governor and took them back to the "south" for restoration. While he was here we drove over to Grand Rapids to visit Northwestern Parts; "THE" parts store in Western Michigan for old cars. Not only did we find a rebuild kit for the carburetor and distributor but also a rebuild kit for the vacuum operated governor. Phil Mayton in Ohio did the initial publishing and mailing of our newsletter, which is now done by Dean Tryon. We send out over 600 printed and e-mail copies. We have even had some Buick Club of America members in California drive a considerable distance to look over the Futurliner to see what it would take to get the engine and transmission out. Charlie Glick in Southern Illinois worked on another project for us as well.
Advisors We want to recognize the key advisors to the project also. These include John Martin Smith (President of NATMUS), Arv Mueller (Group Vice President, GM Powertrain), Joe Spielman (Vice President, GM Metal Fab Div.) and Bob Lintz, (Retired Plant Manager, GM Metal Fab in Parma Ohio).


If you would like more information on how you can volunteer your services or donate materials, please contact Don Mayton.

Don M. Mayton, Project Director
4521 Majestic Vue, Zeeland, MI 49464
616 875-3058


NATMUS is an IRS section 501(c)3 qualified organization. All gifts to this project (Properly Receipted) are tax deductible.

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