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Henry Rom

Henry F. Rom

January 2, 2001

Dear Mr. Mayton:
    I saw your letter in Special Interest Auto and read the web site. I noted it said to share pictures and memories.
    I am enclosing a picture I have had for many years. It was taken in August of 1953. I was a Senior National Scholarship winner in the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild. My winning entry was on tour inside a Futurliner!
    I was always very proud of my entry being connected with the Parade of Progress and the Futurliner.
    I wish you good luck in bringing a unit back to life.

January 12, 2001

Dear Don:
    Thank you very much for the E-Mail and mention of the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild. The requirements you mentioned were one of the main categories of the judging.
    I am enclosing a check to apply towards restoration expense of the Futurliner. To "zero in" on a project is one thing. To have many people involved within the same project is truly something special.
    We probably will never meet in person. I am in the second row, second from the right. Say hello to all of your hard workers for me.
    I will hear the engine when you are ready to "fire it up."

Henry F. Roam
Sun City West, Arizona

We have received considerable information about past participants in the Parade of Progress and we're trying to add it to the website as time permits. They have sent photos, historical information and offered technical assistance. Keep it up!

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