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The following pictures were provided by Edmund Harben of Livermore, California.

Ready For Tour
There were 44 vehicles in the show which included 12 Futurliners, 10 trailers, four trucks and 18 passenger cars. They carried a stage show, 26 major exhibits, a theme center and the Aer-O-Dome tent. It required about 60 men, mostly young college graduates, to run the show. They all had multiple responsibilities, including putting up the large Aer-O-Dome tent and tearing it down again.

Electro-Motive Division Display

This picture shows the exhibit area within the Futurliner. The display is an Electro-Motive Division exhibit which was intended to provide a quick history of how the Diesel locomotive got on the rails and what is was doing for the people of the United States.

Old Scout

This was "Old Scout," a 1902 Oldsmobile Runabout. It's purpose was to show the contrast between new and old automobiles.

Lighting Tower

Notice the tall light-bar that projects up from the Futurliner to light the area at night. Literature we have describes the "lighting tower" as follows: "Rising from the roof of each Futurliner is a steel-aluminum fin 15 feet long. These fins are the show-lot's principal lighting fixtures when the Parade is on a show location. Shaped like an inverted canoe, each fin, when not in use, nests in a trough atop a Futurliner, becoming part of the top of the vehicle. When in use, the fin rises 18 feet above the ground, throwing down a broad canopy of light. The towers are raised and lowered by 1/2-horsepower motors. The light comes from thirty-six 40-watt fluorescent tubes arranged in six banks of six tubes each plus two 250-watt incandescent lamps at the ends of each fin.

Heading Out On Tour

These pictures were captured from a video transfer of a 16mm GM produced promotional film called "Caravan" which was made in either 1940 or 1941. They would be the pre-1953 version Futurliner because of the clear canopy over the driver. (Thanks to Joel Dirnberger for providing information on these pictures.)

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