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GM Futurliner Restoration ProjectThe Futurliner on the right is the one currently undergoing restoration.

I found this photo very interesting as it appears to have been taken in Detroit on Woodward Ave. (I can just make out the name on the street sign in the original photo, I think the cross street is Cadillac Pl.) The year appears to be 1946 as the parade float in front of the Futurliner is for the 1946 Soap Box Derby. -- Joel Dirnberger
The car leading the Futurliners is a Cadillac. The "port holes" I suspect is a defect in the photo . Look closely and you will see the "tail fins' and also a V emblem on the hood of the car. Whenever the Parade was on the road, the Caddy was the lead vehicle driven either by the Parade Director or the Operations Manager. Both Mangers had Cadillacs assigned to them. Since I was in the vehicle Maintenance Group, I was the last vehicle, a GMC service truck, my supervisor had a Chevy convertible assigned to him. My job was to make sure that if any Vehicle's developed a problem, I was to take appropriate action. -- Ed Harben

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