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This would be a 1940-'46 vintage Futurliner. They can be identified by the bubble canopy over the driver. Penciled on the back of the photo is "1941 - Allison Plant". It might be assumed to be the GM Allison engine plant. The picture appears to have been taken in the winter time, due to what appears to be snow on the ground. (Thanks to Joel Dirnberger for the information.)

These pictures were submitted by Dan Brooks, from Sharon Hollow Publishing. They were taken in 1953 or later. In 1953 the Futurliners were refurbished and the canopy over the driver was covered and a vent was added. This particular Futurliner was in the shop having a display installed.

Cockpit of the Futurliner. There were a couple of seats behind the driver but he sat dead-center a good 10 feet off the ground. It made those 13' bridges look awfully close!

This is a picture of the display area. We can't tell what display might have been in this one.

Driver's entry door. The steps lead up to the driver's seat of which the bottom can be seen.

This view shows the ample storage bins under the display area. The Futurliners were packed with equipment for the show.

This picture shows not only the display area but the rear access doors. There was electrical switching equipment and the PTO which in some cases drove a generator to power the display lights.

This picture provides a good view of the rear access to the Futurliner.

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