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    The 1940 pictures were reproduced from a video and are of rather poor quality. At this time we don't have any information on these photos but speculation is that GM had the model built so everyone could visualize what the end product would look like. Note the glass canopy that, while it looked good, tended to cook the driver when the sun was out.
    A model is being constructed by Joel Dirnberger of Minnesota. There is a link in the descriptive information to Joel's site for more information on his technique and progress. 

1940 MODEL

1940 Futurliner Model


Building a 1/24 scale model of the Futurliner.
    Joel Dirnberger, who lives in Minnesota, had been collecting information on the Futurliner for ten years when he visited NATMUS in Auburn, Indiana and found one there. When he found out that a group of volunteers would soon begin restoring it, he immediately volunteered to build a promotional model for the museum to put on display. Joel will also produce additional models for sale with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the restoration project. The pictures represents Joel’s current status as of 5/20/00. Below are some pictures and comments from Joel. Follow this link to Joel’s web site and read more about the process that he used to develop accurate dimensions.

    "Progress has been sporadic, as my real work schedule has been keeping me away from the workbench. I am working towards getting a simplified (without the interior or chassis details) mock-up put together as soon as possible (something that might be useful for fund-raising presentations or other publicity). I had hoped to be done by now but at my current rate of progress my best guess for completion of the mock-up would be sometime in July of 2000."

    "There's a lot of work in progress on the internal areas that doesn't show in the pictures. A lot of material has been removed from the inside of the upper body to make room for the driver and passenger areas."

    "The grill and headlights are pretty much completed now. The wheel wells and fenders have been finished along with the bumpers."

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