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The following pictures and information was provided by Walter Davenport.

    State Police Trooper William Rials (left) was responsible for the now renamed "Safetyliner" program. He oversaw the displays and appearances throughout the state of Michigan until 1967 when the State Police decided there were better ways to get their message to the public. Tpr. Wm. Rials was with the State Police from 1952 until 1977, when he retired as a Sergeant.

    This particular display has to do with promoting traffic safety. The black box in the middle is for viewing a presentation. Bill Rials, who did the design work and drove the Safetyliner sent us an e-mail and provides a little technical information regarding the rear-projection setup. "The projector was continuous-wind with a zetron lamp. We installed an air conditioner for both the lamp and the film which ran over a series of glass ball bearing pulleys. The original, tightly wound film pack, would last only a couple of days but the six foot air conditioned film box gave us a film life of a month or more."

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