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We would like to recognize the following, with a link to their web site, who have contributed money, parts, services, historical truck information or made mention of the project on their web site.


Joe Bortz of the Bortz Auto Collection donated Futurliner #10 to The National Auto and Truck Museum in Auburn, Indiana

located in Auburn, Indiana and Owners of Futurliner #10..
INTERNET 2000 - Grand Rapids, Michigan internet service provider hosting this web site for free.

NLINERS INTERNATIONAL is a hobby club for owners and lovers of the 6 cylinder inline Chevy and GMC engines. They have a publication called "The 12 Port NEWS". Club members have purchased two NOS short block 302 GMC 6-cylinder engines; provided technical information regarding the differences of the military and domestic version; made donations to our project and provided technical information about component parts

-- The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival

The Filling Station donated some headlight trim rings and other head light components.
KETTERING UNIVERSITY, provided Bill Holleran many boxes of information that helped us document that Charles Kettering was the person that created the Parade of Progress. WIKIPEDIA hosts history and information about the GM Parade of Progress and the Futurliners along with a number of references.
JOEL DIRNBERGER has created a website with a little background and history of the GM Futurliner. WELLER TRUCK has contributed a great deal with component-restoration and sourcing of front-end and break related parts. 

WYRICK CO. employee Ray de Longpre secured ChemSpec USA (representative Ernest J. Borsich) to sponsor this project with the paint supplies.

CURBSIDE TV provides auto reviews and a number of other related informational services.
Buy, sale, trade, cool trucks, cars, tractors and equipment. Home of the body swap.
Yesterdays style with today's power.
1960-1966 GMC TRUCKS
National 6066 GMC Truck Club.
The Elm Grove Headstart program located in Vermont recommends the Trucker's Report website as a good resource for truck history.
AMERICAN TRUCKS -- A resource of links regarding the history of trucks. (Recommended by Evan R. from Kingston, NY)  

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