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Frank Jordan

We received the following photos on this page from Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Jordan out of Little Rock, AR.

There's not a lot of explanation regarding the pictures -- just the name of a city on the back of a few of them. This is a nice shot of at least nine of the Futurliners lined up. On the back of the picture it simply states "Boston".

This appears to be a shot of the Futurliners arranged around a show field -- we've seen that before but I haven't see before was the display of the Curved Dash Olds. It looks like it is displayed on the back of a truck where the body does a transformation creating a stage. I think that is just ingenious engineering.
This shot shows a display but it doesn't look like anything we've seen before. Almost looks like a small greenhouse.

There's a sign in front of the Futurliner and all I can make out is the word "Futurliner".


This picture shows a crowd of people that came out to see the Parade of Progress, probably on a Fair Grounds some where. Back in this era, people dressed up in their Sunday best of suits, ties and dresses when they went out. The GM Parade of Progress displayed some pretty innovative and technologically advanced displays. For the times, it was worth the trip to see.
One of the more spectacular new pieces of equipment for the 1941 Parade of Progress show was the new 1,500 GM Aer-o-Dome person tent. The tent was radical and broke all the rules of traditional tent design. At first glance it looked like an inverted umbrella with ribs exposed. The frame was made of aluminum while the silver skin was plastic-impregnated to make it light-proof, water-proof and yet light in weight.
The back of the picture simply says "Boston". It would be interesting to know what buildings are in the backdrop. Looks to be a university.
Written on the back this picture is the word, "Pensacola". It appears the Futurliners are spaced out for the show.
If you have any additional information about the history or whereabouts of additional Futurliners, we would like to hear from you. Our objective is to capture as much of the history of these vehicles as possible.
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