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We would like to recognize the following and thank those who have contributed money, parts and services for this project.


STU ALLEN -- tracking down one of the "original" Futurliner displays and developing transparencies for making presentations to organizations.

MARK BATTJES -- loaned us his electric metal nibbler which we used to cut the sheet metal for the rebuild.

BRUCE BERGHOFF & GEROGE FERRIS -- donated their literary skills for a book being readied for publication.

JOE BORTZ -- donated the Futurliner to NATMUS.

BILL BICKNELL -- donated two engines.

R. BLUHM -- works for GM Power Train in Ypsilanti, MI volunteered their services to overhaul the Hydramatic transmission.

MARY and DAVE BOSELL -- researched the Detroit Public Library for more information.

BILL and JACK BRAUN -- owners of a junkyard in Western Michigan supplied us details when they purchased 2 Futurliners from the State of Michigan in the late 1960’s.

DEL CARPENTER -- volunteered to be the chief drive line mechanic.

COKER TIRE -- volunteered to supply the wide white wall tires for free.

GORDON DEBAAR -- East End Radiator in Holland donated labor and parts to rebuild 3/speed/PTO transmission. Bearings worth $860.

CHARLIE GLICK -- owner of the Heartland Antique Automobile Museum in Paris, Illinois provided the aluminum cast letters for our Futurliner. He made molds of the original letters from one of the Futurliners, then constructed patterns, and then had all the castings poured at a local foundry. There were a total of 46 different aluminum castings using 300 lbs. of aluminum.

INTERNET 2000 - Grand Rapids internet service provider hosting this web site for free.

BUS CONVERSIONS -- donating a spare engine and transmission.

ED and RYAN DEVRIES -- restored the radiator. Ryan also volunteered to polish the 46 aluminum castings of the Futurliner letters provided by Charlie Glick. Ryan, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a hobby business of making brass antique fire engine bells. His business includes making the patterns, getting the castings poured, and then performing the final polishing.

JOEL DIRNBURGER -- creating a   1/24-scale model of the Futurliner with working doors, display panels and light bays for NATMUS. Joel provided the drawing for mounting all the aluminum cast letters.

JACK HALTON -- contributed parts for the 302 engine (

DENNIS HOADLEY -- doing Parade of Progress research.

BILL HOLLERAN -- works at the Kettering Archives at Kettering University, provided many boxes of information that helped us document that Charles Kettering was the person that created the Parade of Progress. 

WAYNE JACKSON -- loaned us his table power hack saw. It has been invaluable in cutting the angle iron and bar stock to replace all the bad body structure. Wayne also loaned other tools including a sand blasting cabinet and paint spray system.

MIKE KADLETZ -- owner of Bus Conversions in Long Beach, California, is donating a spare engine and transmission once it is out of their Futurliner.

TERRY KAPTAIN -- of Cover All Shelter-AK Equipment company in Zeeland, Michigan provided a fork truck. Terry operated it for a full day to aid in the unloading of the Futurliner and pushing it into the barn when it arrived in 1998.

JOE LOCKHARD -- Applied Industrial Technology in Flint MI has supplied the bearings for both the primary 3rd transmission and the spare 3rd transmission.

PHIL MAYTON -- volunteered to develop the mailing lists, printing of the letters and envelopes.

DAN MAYO -- providing a drawing of the roof so that a new one can be fabricated. The old one is rusted beyond repair and must be replaced.

BOB MARTIN -- offered help with the electrical systems of the displays. He was involved with them originally and was one of the first people hired when he was just 22.

JEFFREY MILLER -- working with a major brake company to redesign the complete braking system and upgrade it for better safety than the 1950’s design.

BARRY PALMER -- rebuilding the jack shaft assembly which drives the air conditioner and the power steering pump.

GARY PARKER -- Auburn, Indiana. Provided and drove the low-boy tractor trailer rig that hauled the Futurliner from Auburn to Zeeland.

PARKER AUTO & TRUCK -- relined and painted the rear brake shoes.

RICHARD and MARIO PETIT -- Kebecson in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Allowed us to purchase their spare parts and donated two truck loads of spare parts. This included outside trim, hub caps, spare air conditioner compressor and condenser , gas tank, drivers seat, 3-speed/PTO transmission and many miscellaneous parts.

GM POWERTRAIN -- restored the transmission.

STATE SPRING SERVICE -- Restored the front spring assemblies for the front axle of the Futurliner. This included new bushings, pins, shackles and through bolts. Owned by Rick Sheehan, 7349 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49548. (616) 455-2650

STEVE SLUTTER -- Zeeland, Michigan, constructed a tow bar for moving the Futurliner.

DEAN TRYON -- volunteered to develop and send out quarterly newsletters. He also volunteered to restore driver's seat, carburetors and distributors.

CRAIG WALDRON -- Troutville VA has supplied safety equipment for the team including glasses, ear plugs, gloves etc.

WELLER TRUCK -- Hudsonville MI. John Weller's company overhauled the differential, rear brake drums and recently the rear wheel bearings.

JOHN WILTJER -- donated plastic lens for the overhead door lighting bars.

WYRICK CO. employee Ray de Longpre has secured ChemSpec USA (representative Ernest J. Borsich) to sponsor this project with the paint supplies.



If you would like more information on how you help with showing or maintaining the Futurliner, please contact Don Mayton.

Don M. Mayton, Project Director
4521 Majestic Vue, Zeeland, MI 49464
616 875-3058


NATMUS is an IRS section 501(c)3 qualified organization. All gifts to this project (Properly Receipted) are tax deductible.

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