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This is the second time the Futurliner appeared at the Hershey, PA car show and swap meet. This time it was positioned in front of the Giant Center where it got a lot of attention.

As people streamed over the walkway heading toward the car coral and additional swap meet vendors, they ran smack into the Futurliner display. We fielded lots of question and appreciation for restoring it.

The display and video drew many to stop and take it in. A gentleman, who follows automotive history, couldn't help but marvel over the era and role that the Futurliners came from.

Onlookers patiently wait for their turn to climb up into the cab of the Futurliner and sit behind the steering wheel. This experience seems to be very popular with both young and old.

Our memorabilia sales did fairly good. Many wanted to take a piece of history home with them. Note that the canvas was removed from the sales tent. The day before stiff winds threatened to send it soaring so it was removed.

Photo opportunities of the usual and unusual abound at Hershey. Not far from the Futurliner, Dr. John Wissink, one of our volunteers, displayed his horse mounted Buick. The day before, John decided to mount his horse and drive around the grounds so people could see it. It caused such a commotion that officials asked him to park it.
The Hershey show was the last of the season for the Futurliner but it can be seen at the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA for the duration of the winter. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in and pay it a visit.

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